Support Maintenance

Annual Maintenance

Your audio visual investment is important to us. Consumables such as data projector lamps do have a limited life span. As part of our ongoing effort to provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions we provide various maintenance agreements in the untimely event of equipment failure. Service level agreements can be customised to specific requirements allowing us to repair, swop-out or replace faulty equipment ensuring that you are 100% operational at all times.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our customer service and ensuring that your audio-visual systems keep performing and are well maintained is of paramount importance.

Resolving technical issues in the swiftest possible manner is critical to our continued business success. With a range of maintenance agreements available with some including same day response, we can tailor our service offering to your individual needs.

An often overlooked but vital part of our service offering is our routine preventative maintenance visit which is designed to minimise the risk of system downtime and to keep your investment in tip top condition.

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