Audio video conferencing solutions
Audio video conferencing solutions
Audio video conferencing solutions

Interactivity and the use of AV technology has become crucial in training rooms. Training rooms need to support both interactive and formal presentations. The training rooms should be accomplished with wide range of AV equipment that will be used while presenting in training sessions and to ensure that trainees can collaborate and interact easily and effectively.

This is leading to a robust transformation of learning measures both in educational institutions and within the organization trying to enhance the skills and knowledge base of their teams.Technologies in the training rooms must stimulate better communication and information sharing skills among personnel.

Wireless presentation system allows any participant to share content on the central room screen with just a single click. Interactive displays help trainer to write on electronic whiteboard by finger using any colour, annotate to share content, save, print & email it by a single click. Audio system and lighting plays very important role and should be very effectively designed & installed.

Simple and reliable control system with intuitive button or touch control makes the lecture or presentation start right away with no frustration. Large displays or projection systems with long working hours and high brightness assure the quality and clear view of presentations. Smart podiums pre-installed with controllers make the lecture or presentation easy to use with only one interface for all AV devices.

Trizoom’s Interactive Training Rooms help institutions and faculty leverage this technology to meet growing student and trainee expectations. These training rooms can help both specialised learning institutions and corporates with training needs to significantly raise the effectiveness of their training programmes and initiatives.

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